Taiwan Scholarship Program – Universities of Taiwan, Taiwan


Scholarship Description:

The purpose of Taiwan Scholarship Program is to encourage outstanding international students to undertake degree program in Taiwan.


Scholarship Eligibility:

If you intend to apply, please read theTaiwan Scholarship Program Guidelinefirst.(attach 1)


Deadline for Application:

March 31


Level of Studies:

Bachelors, Masters, Doctorals


Scholarship Coverage:

Subsistence allowance: a monthly stipend of NT$15,000 (approximately US$500) for undergraduate study; and NT$20,000 (approximately US$666) for postgraduate study.
Tuitionand payment of academic fees: the Ministry of Education awards each recipient per semester up to NT$40,000, if the total
amount exceed NT$40,000, the remainder of the cost should be covered by the recipient or the recipient’s college.
The recipients should pay: the admistration fees, thesis advising fees, insurance premiums,accommodationandinternet access.


Additional Information:

Application Documents:
(1) Taiwan Scholarship Application Form (attach 2)
(2) A copy of applicant’s passport and national certificates.
(3) A copy of the highest-level diplomaand a complete grade transcript. If issuedby international educational institutions, these documents must be authenticated by a Taiwanoverseas Representative Office.
(4) A copy of admission application materials to universities/colleges in Taiwan (e.g., copies of application fee remittance, application form, receipt of application from universities/colleges, e-mails, ).
(5) A copy of TOCFLlanguage proficiency certificate:A copy of results or certificate for the “Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language”(TOCFL) Advanced Level (Band B).(website : http://www.sc-top.org.tw/english/eng_index.php)
(6)If you apply for all-English programs (attach3), don’t have to submit TOCFL certification, but a copy of Formal TOEFL test scores or other International recognized English language proficiency exams is required. English-speaking nationals are exempt from this rule. .
(7) Twoletters of reference, signed and sealed in envelopes (i.e. from the principals,professors, or supervisors).Photo copies and email submissions of letters of recommendation will not be considered.


Source of Information: