Scholarships in Norway

Most Norwegian institutions have various bilateral agreements with foreign institutions of higher education. These agreements are usually designed for the mutual exchange of students, researchers and teachers. However, there are national programmes that offer scholarships and other types of funding for international students wishing to study in Norway. Certain restrictions and prerequisites apply for all these programmes. In addition, there are various stipends available offered by private and non-profit organisations.

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List of scholarships available for studies in Norway:

Science without borders

Science without Borders is a mobility programme offering scholarships to Brazilian undergraduate students for up to one year of study at higher education institutions in Norway.

Mobility grants for Norwegian Language and Literature

The Mobility Grant shall contribute to facilitate foreign students’ study/research stay in Norway and shall be used for fieldwork in Norway in connection with thesis for Master or Ph.D.


Offers European students enrolled at higher education institutions exchange and placement opportunities in Norway.

The AURORA Mobility Programme France-Norway
Offers French researchers grants for short visits to Norway. 

Nordplus student exchange

Offer students from the other Nordic and the Baltic countries a possibility to study in Norway.

High North Fellowship Program

Offers scholarships to students from the Canada, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the US to an institution in Northern Norway.

Cooperation in the field of arctic studies between Iceland and Norway

Exchange scholarships are offered Icelandic students for a study period or/and work placement in Norway

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund

In some cases non-Norwegian citizens may be eligible for support depending on connection to Norway, nationality and reason for obtained residence permit.

E.ON Stipendienfonds – for German students in the energy field

E.ON Stipendienfonds give scholarships to German students studying energy-related subjects, for a study/research period in Norway. The scholarship is aimed at master students, PhD students and post-docs in the engineering, economics, law and political science dealing with energy subjects. The scholarship award covers all costs incurred while staying in Norway. The applicants are always among the best in their discipline.

There are two application-dates: 15 February and 15 October.

Click here for online-application and further information. 

Scholarship programmes for US students:

Scholarship programmes for Canadian students