Research Fellowship at Humboldt University in Berlin

Every year the International Research Centre ‘Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History’ at Humboldt University in Berlin (re:work) invites senior scholars and postdoctoral candidates to apply for 10 to 15 international research fellowships for the duration of the following academic year. The fellowships begin on 1 October and end on 31 July (shorter fellowship terms are negotiable). The fellowships require the researchers’ presence at the centre.

The fellowships are announced on an international and annual basis in mid-July of each year. The call for applications is posted on our website as well as on various H-nets. Usually the applications are due in Berlin by the end of August. The selection results are announced a few months later, in November/December. Accordingly, the call for fellowships for the academic year 2016/2017 will be published in July 2015.

re:work especially welcomes candidates from the disciplines of history, anthropology, law, sociology, political science, and area studies. Applicants should be at the postdoctoral level or senior scholars. re:work would like the proposed projects to employ a historical and transregional perspective. They should not exclusively focus on the notions of work/ labour; a focus on life course is also required. Possible topic areas include household work, loss of work, the relationship between work and non-work, as well as free and unfree labour. re:work welcomes proposals about all regions of the world and especially those that look at comparisons, conflicts or relations between different regions. A global history perspective is not required; keeping an open mind to such ideas, however, is highly desirable.

Fellows are obliged to work at the research centre, and receive a monthly stipend, which can be individually negotiated. Additionally, re:work covers the travel costs to Berlin and back. A fully equipped office can be provided as well as organisational help to apply for a visa, and housing, etc. During the fellowship, re:work also encourages fellows to introduce their work to a wider audience within Berlin’s scientific community. The fellows are invited to propose guest lectures, workshops as well as publications. Participation in re:work’s weekly colloquium and common lunch is mandatory, as is attendance at the opening ceremony and the final conference. All other activities the centre offers such as workshops, excursions and language classes are optional.

To apply, candidates will be asked to fill out an electronic form that will be available on our web page in due course. Please note that we can only accept electronically submitted applications. Applicants will be asked to provide information regarding their academic background, the research project they intend to work on during their fellowship as well as details about their current research. In addition, post-docs should provide the names of two referees.

We also invite visiting professors to the Humboldt University in order to enable university lecturers to take research leave during term time. Replacements are adequately funded through our BMBF funds.

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