IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships, Switzerland

Scholarship Description:

Every year, IMD supports about half of the MBA class by granting them scholarships or loans. The total amount of scholarships available each year is around CHF500’000 and CHF 1.3 million for loans.

The maximum financial aid awarded per admitted candidate is CHF 65,000.

As we cannot provide financial aid for everyone, we strongly recommend that you seek alternative sources where possible. Here are some options for external funding.

Deadline for Application : The deadline to apply for any scholarship is September 30.

Level of Studies : MBA Programme

Scholarship Coverage : IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships (x 3) CHF 30,000

Scholarship Eligibility :

We look for the best group of 90 mature and globally minded classmates you can learn from and share knowledge with.

Amongst the participants, there are approximately 40 different nationalities. The majority have 4-9 years of work experience in a variety of sectors and are between 27 and 34 years old.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution
  • GMAT (80% of our MBA participants score between 620 and 750)
  • A minimum of three years full-time work experience
  • A strong command of written and spoken English
  • At least one language in addition to English

Additional Information:

We work with a Swiss bank to provide loans to candidates who demonstrate no alternative sources of funding. In order to apply you need to:

Candidates with financial need are encouraged to submit their loan requests as soon as they receive an IMD MBA offer in order to accelerate a pre-assessment of their financial needs. The deadline to apply for loans is October 30 and November 15 for the September deadline applicants.


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